The Lake Rules

The Manderson Trust Lake Rules

Manderson Trust Fishing Rules (as displayed at The Trust)
1.   Fishing only allowed Dawn till Dusk.
2.   Night Time fishing only allowed by prior arrangement, with the relevant permit.
3.   Last person must shut the toilets and lock the gate shut on leaving the trust.
4.   All landing nets and unhooking mats must be dipped in the Dip Tanks prior to fishing.
  We have a healthy fish stock we aim to keep it that way.
5.   No Artificial Baits e.g., plastic bread, maggots, corn, etc. All Cat or Dog Meat Baits are banned.
  No Tiger Nuts, Aniseed, Bloodworm, Jokers and No live Baiting
6.   Only Disabled Badge Holders, Trustees & OAP's (with official trust pass) can keep their cars at the
  swims but able-bodied anglers can unload their cars and return them to the car park*.
  All relative badges must be displayed.
7.   Unhooking Mats to be used at all times and must be dipped prior to fishing.
8.   Max 2 RODS to be used.
9.   Every angler must have an Environment Agency Rod License according to law appropriate to the
  amount of rods being used before starting to fish.
10.   All anglers and visitors must uphold a good standard of conduct whilst at the Manderson Trust Lakes.
11.   Barbless and micro barbed hooks only, hooks libel to inspection by any bailiff or trustee.
12.   Please take all rubbish home or put it in the bins provided and not discarded at the trust.
13.   No rods to be left unattended at any time. (i.e. no more than one swim away.)
14.   Ground bait to be used in moderation. All surplus ground bait to be taken home and not discarded
  in the lakes or on site.
15.   All fish to be handled carefully and returned to the water ASAP.
16.   No fires or damage to wildlife or trust property
17.   No children under 16 unless accompanied by an adult at the trust lakes. (Adult being 18 or over.)
18.   No Dogs at any time except guide dogs or by prior arrangement.
19.   No keep nets allowed at the trust except on matches arranged by the trust.
20.   No Digging of bank side, you must use swims provided.
21.   All Alcohol is prohibited at all times.
22.   Braid is allowed for hook link only but not as a main line.
  proviso to above, terms may be subject to change.


* Please note that all anglers may usually park at the swims
as long as they are parked sensibly and do not cause an obstruction.
This provision may be restricted at busy times.