The Lakes - Lake 4

Lake 4 is the lake in front and to the right as you enter the complex.

Length: 140m, Width: 10 - 16m, Depth: 3'6" - 5'6"    -    0.5 acres    -    11 pegs

peg 23 peg 24 peg 25 peg 26 peg 27 peg 28 peg 29 peg 30 peg 31 peg 32 peg 33 Lake 4 dimensions
click on a peg number to see the lastest picture of the peg (updated 5th April 2021)

It is not as long as Lake 1 but is slightly wider.
We are currently moving the common and mirror carp out of this lake
to make it specifically Tench, Bream, Crucian carp and Silver fish lake,
suitable for lighter tackle and those who prefer to fish with the pole.
It is intended to target this lake for restocking at the end of 2021.