The lakes currently remain open during lockdown

UPDATE: 09.15pm 01/11/2020

"The Angling Trust is pleased that the government has recognised the value of allowing angling
and other forms of outdoor recreation to continue
- with members of your own household or with one other individual -
through next month's lockdown.

It seems that tackle shops will still be able to operate a 'click and collect' service. So we are still fishing.
Whilst we need to see the precise details in the regulations laid before Parliament on Monday
it is likely there will be impacts on certain areas of our sport
and we will update everybody just as soon as we are able to do so."

See the latest Angling Trust Update here

We remind all anglers and visitors to the site that there are specific rules in place for your own safety

please note this set of compulsary rules
that ALL ANGLERS visiting the trust MUST abide by.

First and foremost, You are responsible for your own safety!
we suggest that you bring your own hand sanitiser, anti-bac wipes and hand towels to protect yourselves.

The trust will be open from dawn until dusk every day
Please set up with at least one clear swim between yourself and the next person wherever possible

Night fishing will still be allowed on lakes 4 and 5
but ONLY for members who hold a NIGHT PERMIT

There is one NEW REQUIREMENT when night fishing -
you MUST inform a member of the committee that you will be fishing IN ADVANCE,
by requesting access to the 'Mandersons Night Fishing' group on Messenger,
either by phone, text or messaging a Trustee and receive an acknowledgement back.

Once you have been added to the group you can use this to inform the committee about future intentions to night fish.

This is for yours and the Trust's protection so that we are aware that you will be on site for the night.

We will unlock the toilet block door in the morning when the gate is opened.
Only one person to use the toilet block at a time.

We have placed a red cone in the toilet block.
Please place this outside the main door when you use the toilet to show it is in use
and place it back inside on leaving the block.
Do not lock the door, but leave it on the latch.

Towels will be replaced with disposable paper towels.
please use these to dry your hands and dispose of in the bins provided.

Day ticket fishing will be allowed during the times stated above.
Prices are £ 6 for one rod, £ 8 for 2 rods, maximum 2 rods.

We have introduced an 'Honesty Box' system for payment of day tickets and this is situated to the left of the office door.
Please place your ticket money in one of the envelopes provided,
complete the label with your Name / Date / Car reg / Amount
and post the envelope into the black box on the wall.
Note: this will be checked regularly by Bailiffs and Trustees.

Please be aware that this is currently all new to all of us and the requirements are likely to change at short notice.
Please also respect any instructions or requests from Trustees and Bailiffs that may be in addition to these temporary measures.

You must have a valid EA Rod Licence to fish.
Don't forget to dip your nets and mats!

and lastly
Take Care - Stay Safe.