Carp Health Issue

We have had a report of a carp being caught in Lake 5 that was showing signs of fungal attack.

Grey/white fungal spots on the head, flanks and fins.

If you catch a fish with these symptoms please photograph it and any lesions or damage you see.
Send the photo to Mark , Tim or John please, with a brief description.

Fungal attacks are often triggered by damage to the skin and mucus layer and the fish in question did have mouth and dorsal fin issues.
Our research indicates that stress, malnutrition and poor water quality are the other possible causes but these are very unlikely in our water.

According to Cefas there is nothing to worry about if it is just one fish, this can happen naturally.
The fish may have sustained damage from capture / handling issues which may have removed the protective layer of slime from it's flanks
or it is simply a fact of having lost condition from age or just being a weaker fish.
Secondary opportunistic pathogens can get in from the initial area of damage.

We have been advised by Cefas to monitor the lake and ensure we don't start to see an increase in affected fish.

Please ensure nets and mats are dipped before and after fishing to protect us and other fisheries.

Please be gentle playing and unhooking fish.

Many thanks.