Spiked Water-milfoil {Myriophyllum spicatum}

Spiked Water-milfoil [also known as Eurasian Water-milfoil] is an invasive species of water plant that has somehow been introduced into our lakes within the last few years
(which is why it now appears as a problem, but as has been commented, has not been seen in previous years).
We do not know where this has originated from as far as our lakes are concerned, or how it managed to get into the lakes in the first place.
It is likely that it was initially introduced into lake 1, either intentionally, accidently or by natural causes, and has now spread to all of the lakes.

Since it only takes a tiny fragment of stem material to initially populate a lake, it it is likely that it has been moved around by landing/keepnets, or possibly even by local wildlife.
But now that it is established it is going to be very difficult to remove, and our only practical method is continual raking, which, as you can imagine, is going to be a slow and time-consuming activity.

so anyone who wishes to rake out their swim prior to/or after fishing is encouraged to do so - the management team can only do so much!