The 2019 Match Result List

Trust match - Sunday 7th April - Lake 3 - 5 entries
  1st   William Easey   2 lb   4oz
  2nd   Paul Staton   1 lb 12oz
  3rd   Barry Goodrum           14oz
This was a silver fish and carp under 3lb match, fished on a rather wet and drizzly day
with quite a range of fish caught: both Mirror and Common carp, Tench, Bream, Roach and Gudgeon
Well done to William for catching such a haul of mainly small roach on the waggler.

Trust Match - Sunday 21st April - Lake 4 - 6 entries
  1st   Mark Easey   4oz
  2nd   Barry Goodrum   4oz
A very hot, still day did not encourage the fish to feed and lead to a very dissapointing day.
As this was supposed to be the Dennis Manderson Memorial match, it was decided to run it just as a trust match and run the memorial match when we have a better day.

Dennis Manderson Memorial Match - Sunday 5th May - Lake 5 - 6 entries
  1st   Mark Easey   26 lb 14oz
  2nd   Paul Staton   16 lb   6oz
  3rd   Tim Groves     8 lb   4oz
Quite a cool, mostly overcast day with a North-westerly breeze blowing down the lake,
for a match where everybody caught at least one carp.
Most interesting fish of the day was probably Mark's bream, weighing 5 lb 6oz.
Dennis Manderson Memorial

David Bailey Memorial Match - Saturday 22nd June - Lake 5 - 9 entries
  1st   Jackie Ives   24 lb 12oz
  2nd   Mark Easey   20 lb   8oz
  3rd   Barry Goodrum   16 lb 14oz
  4rd   Tim Groves   14 lb   6oz
A hot, sunny day with a southerly breeze blowing down the lake and many fish cruising on top.
A big thank you to Julie Bailey for the donations made to the Trust and the match.
Sorry to Barry who we forgot to take a photo of who had 2 carp and a lovely bream.

Geoff Lofty Memorial Match - Sunday 21st July - Lake 1 - 7 entries
  1st   William Easey   13 lb   2oz
  2nd   Mark Easey     7 lb   4oz
  3rd   Paul Staton     5 lb   6oz
A warm, calm day but with the fish playing had to get.
Silver fish were plentiful but finding the larger ones was a challenge.
Several of the new bream were landed, along with a lovely perch by Mark.