Questions and Answers

here we will attempt to assemble various answers to commonly asked questions


Question: Do I need a rod licence to fish at the lakes?

Answer: Yes, you need to have a valid rod licence whenever you fish.

Note: If you are under 12 years old you do not need a rod licence
13 to 16 year olds need a junior licence, but this is free.
(you will also need to be accompanied by a responsible adult)


Question: Can I night fish at the lakes?

Answer: Yes, you need to be a member of the Trust and also hold a night permit.

Note: whenever you intend to night fish you must inform a trustee or bailiff in advance.

if you use Messenger there is a private group that you can be joined to to make this notification easier.


Question: What fish are in the lakes?

Lake 1 is a Match style lake, long and thin and has recently been stocked
with 500 roach and bream hybrids 6’-8’ plus about 130 small carp to 1lb.
There is a resident head of smaller perch and a few chub to 2lb.

Lake 3 is a breeding pond and the South end has been left to reeds and weed to promote natural breeding.
There are small carp, tench, rudd, roach, gudgeon and perch. The north end is kept fishable.

Lake 4 is this year’s project. It too has recently been stocked with 500 roach and bream hybrids 6’-8’.
There is a small head of carp that will eventually be moved to lake 5.
There are small perch and a number of crucian carp.
Stocks in this lake have suffered from cormorant predation and, all being well,
the lake will be stocked at the end of the year with tench and crucians
and will become the non carp option for those who want to fish for other species.

Lake 5 is the main lake and holds carp to 20lb. Most are in the 6-8lb range.
It was recently stocked with 59 carp to 5lb that fill the gap in the size range of the lake.
There is a small head of bream, all about 4lb, and a few tench to about 3lb that come out occasionally.
Most people choose to fish this lake.
Top of the water fishing on summer evenings is very good.
This is essentially a natural lake and the fish are not easy to catch.
Light tackle and small natural baits tend to bring success.